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By Brazil One is a company founded in Brasília-DF by three business partners (two Brazilians and one foreigner), that joined in their passions for Brazilian Art and Handcraft and practicality, building an e-Commerce to export products in those areas; therefore, marketing and adding value to handcrafts around the world. Besides, having entered in partnerships with well-known Brazilian artists and handcrafts, our company also works with minority-formed Co-ops, with less-privileged communities and societies in suburban cities around the Federal District to bring exclusive and unique products in the world of Art and Handcraft. Following, please find a brief description of the partners.
(In the picture, from left to right)

Juliana Castro: Brazilian, resident of Brasília and working with market opinion and market research for 14 years, is formed in Economics. One of her passions is Brazilian handcraft because of its diversity and colors, and hopes, with this E-Commerce to deepen her knowledge in this art and to integrate more with our craftsmen.

Elizabeth Flamínio: Brazilian, resident of Brasília for 30 years, formed in Business Administration and specialist in methodology and marketing, works with opinion and market research for 18 years. She is fascinated by art and brazilian handcraft, and in this project, has as a main objective the valorization of the professional that works with artistic and handcraft creation.

Liza Tuckler: Born in Nicarágua, she moved with her family to the United States during her youth, where she graduated in International Relations. After entering the Foreign Service of Nicaragua, she worked in the United States, Europe and her native country, before coming to Brazil in 2002, in diplomatic duty. After six years of service in Brazil, and after falling in love with Brazilian handcraft and art, she decided to stay in the country and open up an E-Commerce for exporting, taking advantage of her international experience and contacts. Liza also has a postgraduate degree in economics and experience in foreign commerce when she worked for a multinational.


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