segunda-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2007

Conhecendo a ParanoArte (english)

Project for income generation in communities and social insertion. 

Proposal – Social work aiming the development of communities, by means of craftwork production mainly with residues from the garmet industry and other recyclable materials in partnership with socialy responsible SMEs and other fair trade organizations, valuing popular arts, the environment and cultural aspects. It consists of identifying, in communities of the central western region of Brazil, mainly among participants of the groups of community therapy, the discovery of personal skills and artisan abilities for the development of productive work that results in income generation, bringing dignity, citizenship, improvement of the quality of life and building up self-esteem for the artisans and their families. Nowadays there are five groups of artisans summing approximately two hundred women in the project.

Products: Carpets, cushions, handbags, dolls, necklaces, key holders, crochet, embroidering, patchwork, etc. Join this network!

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